STATAM International Law Office provides its clients legal consultation in all legal fields, specializing chiefly in private law. We are able to provide complete solutions to complex matters giving our evaluation to all nuances and problems that have arisen.

STATAM International Law Office represents its customers in all instances of the judicial system in civil and administrative disputes, arbitral tribunal proceedings, compulsory execution proceedings and all state mediation committees.

We assist you in developing the entire strategy for court proceedings and compiling all of the related documents for the proceedings starting from the inquiry until the proceedings are concluded.

We serve as a conciliator with the aim of extrajudicial settlements and represent our clients in extrajudicial negotiations.

We serve our clients in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish.

STATAM International Law Office offers a full range of legal services providing counselling and other legal services in all fields of law.


Commercial law

We provide multifaceted legal assistance for establishing, managing and liquidating companies and branches, including helping Estonian businesses to expand their commercial activity abroad and helping foreign businesses arrange their business operations in Estonia.

We provide consultation in selecting the most suitable form of company ownership, establishing a company including all of the attendant legal procedures, and preparing documents. We help you obtain the necessary registration, activity licenses and other required documents.

We prepare the documents needed to enter your company in the Commercial Register or amend an entry (articles of association, business name, members of management bodies, capital rates, areas of activity and so on), and help you prepare, execute and document general meetings as well as supervisory and management board meetings.

We prepare shareholder contracts and provide consultation in resolving disputes between owners. In disputes pertaining to commercial law, we represent you in negotiations and extrajudicial and judicial proceedings.


Contract law

STATAM International Law Office offers legal assistance in all matters related to contracts.

We represent you in pre-contractual negotiations, ensuring you will enter a transaction on the best possible terms and conditions and know precisely what your rights, obligations and the legal risks are before entering into a transaction.

We prepare contracts and framework agreements that meet your needs and the special character of your activities.

We perform legal analysis of contracts in matters of interpretation of wording, assess conformity of contracts to legal acts in force and apprise you of any legal risks to you under the contract.

We represent you in submission of complaints and demands stemming from breach of contract and in resolution of disputes in either extrajudicial or judicial proceedings.


Financial law

STATAM International Law Office provides multifaceted legal assistance in the field of financial law, which is one of our main priorities.

We help our clients find and develop financing systems that are the best from a legal standpoint, perform due diligence on projects and prepare all of the necessary legal documentation for executing the project.

We advise creditors and debtors in preparing various financing contracts (loan, credit, leasing, factoring, investment, option etc) and guarantees (possessor pledges, security over movables and immovable’s, guarantees, surety).

We offer legal assistance in involving additional capital through public emissions or placing of stocks or bonds, provide assistance in carrying out tenders, preparing and registering prospectuses and preparing decisions and minutes of general shareholder meetings and the supervisory and management boards of companies.

We prepare the most legally and strategically expedient activity plans for collection debts and sales of securities and represent you in related negotiations, judicial and execution proceedings.

We represent you in negotiations with credit and other financing institutions.


Bankruptcy law

STATAM International Law Office lawyers have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to representing either creditor or debtor interests in bankruptcy proceedings.

We help you develop a strategic action plan so that, should a debtor go bankrupt, you will be able to recoup as much as you require in a given situation. We provide consultation to debtors facing pre-bankruptcy situations, helping them to find the best solutions.

We represent creditors in issuing bankruptcy cautions to debtors, submission of bankruptcy petitions to court and review of petitions in court, submission and recognition of claims in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings, submission of claims for preclusion of assets, liaison with bankruptcy trustees and general creditor meetings. We also serve as members on bankruptcy committees and represent your interests in all other procedures related to bankruptcy proceedings.

We represent debtors in disputing the bankruptcy cautions and petitions submitted against them in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings, perform legal analysis in evaluating the transactions that preceded bankruptcy proceedings, prepare cases for recalling injurious transactions and represent your interests in all other bankruptcy proceedings.


Competition law

STATAM International Law Office provides counsel in all issues related to competition law.

We carry out competition-law-based analysis of enterprises and contracts (both vertical and horizontal), prepare contracts in conformity with competition law and help you bring existing contracts into conformance with competition law.

We provide consultation in issues related to unfair competition, state assistance and application of exceptions. We help you strategically plan economic activity so that you would be eligible for inclusion in competition law group exceptions and assist you if necessary to secure personal exceptions from the Competition Board.

We represent you in dealings with the Competition Board and in resolving disputes related to competition law in extra judicially or judicially.


Real estate and construction law

The field of real estate and construction law is one of the primary fields of activity for STATAM International Law Office.

We provide consultation to clients in matters relating to real estate and construction law, including acquisition, division and transfer of real property, limited real rights (servitudes, liens, right of superficies, right of pre-emption and right of pledge), planning and planning and construction procedures, and obtaining the necessary permits and clearances for construction.

We assist you in appraising legal risks of real estate transactions, carry out due diligence with respect to real estate objects, prepare the contracts you need (acquisition, transfer, encumbrance, design, construction, rental etc) and perform legal analysis of contracts.

We represent you in negotiations related to transactions, liaison with state and local government institutions and resolution of disputes in either extrajudicial or judicial proceedings.


Tax law

STATAM International Law Office offers its clients legal assistance in matters related to tax law. The selection of a tax strategy is an important question in the planning of many transactions, forecasting tax burden and minimizing the risk of possible potential tax disputes.

We provide consultation in developing tax strategies, planning taxes, optimization and interpreting and applying tax legislation and European Union tax directives.

We assist you in preparing documents related to tax disputes (challenges, dissenting opinions, complaints etc.), represent you in disputes with tax authorities at the Tax and Customs Board and in court.


Employment law

STATAM International Law Office counsels both employers and employees in all issues related to employment law.

We assist you in preparing, amending and terminating employment contracts, material liability contracts, collective bargaining agreements, internal procedure rules, job descriptions, directives, contracts of service for management and supervisory board members and other legal documents.

We represent you in negotiations related to employment disputes, before a labour dispute committee and in court.


Intellectual property law

STATAM International Law Office offers legal assistance in all matters related to copyright law (works of literature, art and research) and protection of industrial property (inventions, trademarks, industrial designs).

We assist you in preparing licensing and franchising contracts, registering industrial property and resolving disputes related to intellectual property in court, before a copyright committee and before a industrial property appeals committee.

STATAM International Law Office attorneys also have comprehensive experience in matters pertaining to protection of intellectual property associated with European Union parallel commerce.


Constitutional and administrative law

STATAM International Law Office provides multifaceted legal assistance in the field of constitutional and administrative law, in matters pertaining to administrative acts and administrative procedures, evaluating (and potentially disputing) the legitimacy of administrative acts and administrative procedures.

In our everyday work, we advise many state and local government institutions in matters related to issuing administrative acts, performing supervision of the legitimacy of administrative acts and disputing illegal administrative acts. As a result we have diverse and comprehensive experience in constitutional supervision, property and land reform, planning, public procurements, administrative agreements, citizenship and migration, environment law and many other areas.

We prepare notices of appeal of administrative acts and procedures and represent you in extrajudicial administrative proceedings and administrative proceedings on all levels of the judicial system.


International private law

STATAM International Law Office provides you with legal advice in all matters pertaining to special issues related to transactions with foreign physical and legal persons.

We assist you in holding negotiations with foreign nationals, preparing international contracts and resolving disputes arising from such contracts. We advise you in matters of acknowledgement of and compliance with the judgments of courts and arbitral tribunals.

We assist you through our partners in cooperation in establishing companies in all of the Baltic States, Russia and many other foreign countries.


European Union law

We possess comprehensive knowledge and experience regarding harmonizing domestic legal acts with European Union legal acts and advise you in applying the basic freedoms contained in the Agreement Establishing the European Communities, interpretation of European Union legal acts and matters related to Court of Justice competence and right to conduct proceedings. We advise and represent you in dealings with European Union institutions and applying for assistance from structural funds.


Russian Federation law

STATAM International Law Office offers legal assistance in matters related to law in the Russian Federation. Our specialists have comprehensive knowledge in the field of civil law of the Russian federation, including contractual, commercial, tax, land and employment law.

We advise you in preparing and entering into contracts with Russian legal and natural persons, establishing companies, acquiring real estate in Russia, resolving disputes in Russian courts and arbitral tribunals and with regard to applying the law of the Russian Federation.

We prepare contracts and all other legal documents in Russia and perform Russian-language legal analysis. We assist and advise you in all issues stemming from the special nature of the legal system of the Russian Federation.

We have strong cooperative ties with Russian law firms. As a result we can ensure that you receive the legal assistance you require in the Russian Federation as well.


Extrajudicial debt collection

Statam International offers its contractual clients debt collection services in the whole Republic of Estonia, and with the help of our foreign partners, we can also perform debt collection outside Estonia.

When it comes to debt collection, it is the first priority of Statam International that it is vital to establish a personal and direct rapport with the debtor. It is our experience that sending a written payment request to the debtor or calling him or her does not constitute a method sufficient enough to recover the debt; instead, it is much more effective to meet face-to-face with the debtor and have a discussion on paying the debt. This is why, in order to get faster and better results, Statam International prefers to establish a direct contact with the debtor, instead of merely relying on the success of payment requests and phone calls.

Naturally, every client appreciates information on the progress of the collection of his or her claims – therefore, Statam International is ready to supply its clients with relevant information just as they themselves wish to receive it. The client can receive an oral report from his or her assigned collection officer anytime, because the debt collectors at Statam International are available to their clients at all times. In addition, the client can request a written report (by post, fax or e-mail), either after agreed periods of time or after submitting a corresponding request. The client always receives a written report if it becomes apparent that the client`s claim cannot be recovered by way of collection procedure. If this occurs, the collection officer includes in the report his opinion on whether it would be more efficient to take the claim to court or to write it off.

This kind of information exchange guarantees the client regular updates on the progress of his or her claim recovery and assures a confidential relationship between us and the client.