Bankruptcy law

STATAM Law Company lawyers have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to representing either creditor or debtor interests in bankruptcy proceedings.

We help you develop a strategic action plan so that, should a debtor go bankrupt, you will be able to receive as much as you require in a given situation. We provide consultation to debtors facing pre-bankruptcy situations, helping them to find the best solutions.

We represent creditors in issuing bankruptcy cautions to debtors, submission of bankruptcy petitions to court and review of petitions in court, submission and recognition of claims in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings, submission of claims for preclusion of assets, liaison with bankruptcy trustees and general creditor meetings. We also act as members on bankruptcy committees and represent your interests in all other procedures related to bankruptcy proceedings.

We represent debtors in disputing the bankruptcy cautions and petitions submitted against them in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings, perform legal analysis in evaluating the transactions that preceded bankruptcy proceedings, prepare cases for recalling injurious transactions and represent your interests in all other bankruptcy proceedings.