The first private legal supervision


Founded in 1992, STATAM Law Company provides legal and consulting services, bringing together experts with over twenty years of experience and successful court practice.

We were the first to recognize the need and began to provide private legal supervision services. We are successful in legal consulting and auditing.

Unique proprietary techniques allow us to be among the leaders in corporate and personal strategic consulting.

Knowledge, experience and cooperating with colleagues allow us to be effective in Government Relations (cooperation with public authorities) both in Europe and in Russia.

We consult and represent our customers in all court and government instances basing on a complex strategy for all court procedures and cooperation with state authorities.

We represent the Guild of Russian Lawyers and the Union of Lawyers of Russia in Estonia and can provide our European customers with qualified legal assistance in all Russia territory.

We represent our customers in out-of-court negotiations and control the execution of court decisions.

Practice areas


STATAM Law Company provides our customers with legal consulting in all legal fields, specializing in private law.

You could contact us in Estonian, Russian, English, German and Finnish.

Stanislav Tsherepanov
CEO & partner

Marina Samsonova
CVO & partner