About us

Statam TunnistusOn 23 March 1992, the Stanislav Cherepanov (Chairman of board and Senior partner) founded a public limited company named STATAM. The principal activity of the company was provision of legal services as well as economic and management consultation and accounting services.

We consider that date (23.03.1992) as the beginning of essential operations of the firm whereas further transformations and name changes have been only of a formal character.

In 1996, economic consultation and accounting services were separated from Statam. In 1998, Statam was reorganised, as a result whereof the entire branch of legal assistance was separated from Statam and transferred to a newly founded Statam International Law Office.

The clientele of Statam International Law Office is wide and varied both geographically as well as in character – our services are required by individuals, local small companies and groups of companies, state structures and international corporations. We handle all the problems of our clients as our own and resolve them with comparable devotion, care and responsibility.

Our aim is to find the best legal and economic solutions for our clients. We value highly a relationship based on trust between a client and an attorney and wish to keep up with all the legal needs and requirements of our clients. A confidential atmosphere and cooperation play a crucial role in the resolution, or furthermore, in the prevention of problems.


Professionalism for us means that we do what we have promised and we do it professionally. We achieve our high level of service through innovation, endless self-education and prompt action.

Teamwork for us means that the best solutions for the client emanate from cooperation with our in-house colleagues as well as with other colleagues in Estonia and abroad, if necessary. Cooperation with the client is elementary. Efficient teamwork assumes close communication with, respect for and exchange of information and experience with colleagues.

Client relations for us mean that we consider essential long-term, in-depth and face-to-face client relations. That helps us to keep up with clients` everyday business and participate as an advisor in the management and other processes to prevent legal problems from emerging.

For an overview of our main fields of activity, in which we offer our clients professional consultation and legal aid, please visit Services.