Financial law

STATAM Law Company provides different legal assistance in the field of financial law, which is one of our main priorities.

We help our customers find and develop financing systems that are the best from a legal standpoint, perform due diligence on projects and prepare all of the necessary legal documentation for executing the project.

We advise creditors and debtors in preparing various financing contracts (loan, credit, leasing, factoring, investment, etc) and guarantees (possessor pledges, mortgage, etc).

We offer legal assistance in involving additional capital through public emissions or placing of stocks or options, provide assistance in carrying out tenders, preparing and registering prospectuses and preparing decisions and minutes of general shareholder meetings and the supervisory and management boards of companies.
We prepare the most legally and strategically expedient activity plans for collection debts and sales of securities and represent you in related negotiations, judicial and execution proceedings.

We represent you in negotiations with credit and other financing institutions.