Private legal supervision

No law office or law company can be the best in all areas of legal practice, although some try to advertise themselves that way. It can be difficult for customers to find the right expert in the area they need, and it can be even more difficult to assess the results.

STATAM Law Company has developed and provides a private legal supervision service. If such an analogy is appropriate, so construction supervision is used during construction, which, based on the interests of the customer, supervises the builder, leaving him no opportunity to do the work of poor quality.

Based on the interests and needs of the customer, we select, coordinate and control the optimal professional team in accordance with the complexity of the legal situation. We organize representation in all court levels and authorities.

We are always on the customer side!

STATAM Law Company carries out legal supervision of legal relations of individuals and legal entities, including legal control of economic activities, business projects and disputes of our customers.